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Susan Allen
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hallelujah Acres Health Minister

In February 2011, Susan graduated from YTI with a diploma in Massage Therapy, passed a national exam and became licensed.  Susan has been studying nutrition and the affects it has on the body since 1995 and helping many people develop a love for proper nutrition and whole-body wellness. After developing and teaching Healthy Lifestyle and Juicing Seminars for many years, she felt called to help people even more and found that she loved the idea of Therapeutic Massage and the benefits it shows towards a healthy body. 

Susan was blessed to be able to work with Dr. Linda Henninger, a practicing chiropractor from Mt. Holly Springs, PA. Under her tutelage, she gained an invaluable amount of knowledge of the body and what the effects of chiropractic and massage therapy have toward a healthy lifestyle. After three years, Susan moved her practice from Mt. Holly Springs to her current location in Boiling Springs. 

With a passion for learning and research, Susan is continually increasing her knowledge about helping the body heal naturally. She is dedicated to learning about her clients individually and what they would gain from new techniques and therapy tools.  She gains even more information through continuing education classes for massage and attends various seminars on natural modalities and nutrition research. 

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Susan's Personal Healing Testimony 

Growing up, I ate whatever my mother cooked. I ate all my vegetables and cleaned my plate like a good girl. By my late teens, I was very active in sports and ate many meals on the run. In my twenties, I was focused on my career and dinner became a social event. At thirty, while pregnant with my son, Joshua, I realized that my eating habits affected him too. During this pregnancy I started to get interested in nutrition and what good habits I could create to pass on to our children. When I was pregnant with my daughter, Whitney, I was confident that my interest in health and nutrition were benefiting my family and me. 

By 2000, I was struggling with what the "world" (Standard American Diet) and doctors were telling me was okay for my body. I kept up with researching nutrition and making necessary changes, but didn't really stay consistent until we moved to Pennsylvania.

Soon after moving to PA, I went to the doctor about a "bump" on my arm. It was diagnosed as Cutaneous B-Cell Lymphoma. Yes, it was the shock of my life since I knew that we had been changing our eating habits when the kids were born to "prevent" this type of thing. After many visits with numerous doctors, I knew what needed to be done. I was originally told I would need to have full body chemotherapy and then full body radiation for 9 weeks. This recommendation did not sit right with me and God kept telling me to do it His way!  

After much prayer and more research, I decided to detoxify my body naturally. When the time came, I decided to have the lump on my arm removed surgically. Then I began a very strict detoxifying process for 6 months. I was blessed to have a doctor who was willing to let me try it my way first. Right before the surgery a new lump appeared close to the one being removed. It was the same thing—a form of cancer. So after surgery we kept a close eye on the new lump. It grew quickly and we were getting concerned, and a bit discouraged.

After 4 months of a strict detoxifying diet, my husband, Eric, noticed the new lump looked smaller. We measured it, and it was—by 1 cm! This was exactly the good news and encouragement I needed to keep detoxifying! At my next doctor's visit, the 6 month appointment, my doctor was amazed! The new lump was gone!!! Just a small pink spot remained. We did another round of blood work and discovered that my numbers were getting better. Six months later, my blood work was just about normal. I remained faithful to my detoxifying diet for 1 year and I was amazed at my health! Not only was there no trace of cancer in my body anymore, but my cholesterol went way down, I had no more mood swings, I lost weight, my acne cleared up, and I had a much more joyful outlook on life! I'm not 'detoxifying' any longer, but I do know how critical it was in my healing.

In March 2008, I became a certified Health Minister with Hallelujah Acres. I have had the privilege of walking beside both family and friends, on their journey towards good health through diet. I have seen them improve their life and heal their bodies from a variety of diseases and issues. I am always in awe of what the body can do when we fuel it with the right resources!





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