Therapeutic Massage by Susan Allen
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Client Testimonials

"I'm so glad I found Susan.  Not only does she help the problem I go for (sore hip, lower back, arch of my foot), she gives me pointers on helping myself with stretches, etc.  Her goal is to help me help myself.  I certainly recommend her!  P.S. ask her about her insect lotion; love it!" - Jody B.

"I have been going to Susan for a year now and really look forward to my massages.  I have a history of back problems and I think that the appointments I have every other week keep my muscles loose and my back has been better than ever this past year.  I did have a pulled muscle in my neck a few months ago and went to a chiropractor a few times, but I feel that the massage therapy I received from Susan is what solved the problem.  The atmosphere is soothing and calming. I would highly recommend everyone to give it a try! - M.G.

"Susan does wonders for my chronic shoulder pain due to over use and abuse from extreme gardening and spending hours practicing musical instruments.  She has spent time learning massage techniques and stretches to fit my specific needs, partnering with Dr. Linda to give me a comprehensive care plan.  I recommend Susan for her customer service which goes beyond an hour massage to wellness care and healing." - K.A.

"I have had several types of massages done by Susan and all of them have been great! The one I liked the best was the Full Body Detox and then the massage that goes with it.   It is 1.5 hrs. of pure relaxation, while cleansing the body.  I would recommend Sue to any of my friends. Very Happy Customer." - T.M.

 "An absolutely wonderful experience! I have had pain for a very long time. After seeing a chiropractor to get things adjusted, he suggested I get a massage every 4-6 weeks to maintain.  Well, Susan has done more than maintain my pain!  She has given me such relief in so many ways!  She is an EXCELLENT massage therapist, listener, a great spiritual person to pray with and has helped both my husband and I with eating a healthier diet to also help maintain proper weight to relieve stress on my back!" - Tracy P.

"I have been a client of Susan's for a long time and have looked forward each time to having a massage.  She is very thorough and has a great technique.  I am also very interested in the many services that she offers.  She is innovative and always looking for new things to bring to her clients." - S. M.

"A monthly massage with Susan is my escape from the chaos of my demanding work schedule.  Most times I simply need her soothing hands to ease the tension from my body and my mind.  But when I've overdone it and have muscle pain, she is an expert at identifying the underlying issue and knows exactly which technique will release the tightness causing the pain.  It's wonderful to find a Massage Therapist as talented as Susan, who can target both relaxation and healing massage.  Thank you Susan for all that you do for me!" - Ellen O.

 "I appreciate Susan's sensitive and comforting hands.  She remembers where my distressed and reocurring problems are on every visit and provides relief.  Susan has a wonderful personality and a relaxing studio.  Her faith in God inspires me." - Mary S.

"Susan does wonderful work! I always feel much better after I leave her office.  She massages you from head to toe and everything in between, and spends extra time working on the extra tight areas." - Luann

"Susan is very in tune to giving me the exact care I need. She is very knowledgeable and has become my friend." - Julie C.



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